Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ben and Darci:)

What some beautiful people:) Darci is so darn beautiful! And even though Ben is my bro, I have to say he is even good looking :) LOL
Happy Happy Happy!

Oh.....I just loved this! We told Riley to give Malia a little hug and he did! He just went up and put his arm around her!
I had to throw this in there because we all really know how picture day truely is:) I loved this pic! It was perfect! Malia squirming, Riley looking so excited about all this, Darci wanting to see all the action, and Ben just enjoying himself! LOL! And also the one below it says it all too!

What a cute boy! MM!

Ben was throwing Malia up in the air and this was a quick snap, I love her smile.
Oh she just gets me! I love her blue blue eyes! She's my little buddy!

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Ben and Darci said...

Who ARE these beautiful people??? Helps to have a great photographer :)