Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chase and Janessa!!!!

So I met Janessa out here in Arkansas. Her husband also sells with my husband. But its been so fun hanging out this summer, I'm going to miss her like crazy! She has been so fun to be around and she says I keep her sain, but she is the one that keeps me sain! LOL! We go yard saleing pretty much every Saturday and we buy all kinds of stuff that we want to work on(Project stuff). And.........we found this old bike.........for 5 dollars!!!!!!!!!! I saw it and fell in love with it, because I thought it would be so cool in picutures! And it soooooo was! I took her pictures and then she took mine, which I will post later, and she did and amazing job! But the bike was a hit! LOVED IT!!!

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Chase and Janessa said...

I love them! You did an AMAZING job and I'm so glad you posted them! I'm going to miss you too!