Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cook Family Photos (Just a Few)

I took some new family pictures of my side, on the 11th. I am still working on the main big one of all of us but I had to post the ones that I have done. And ya we shaved Kades head right before pictures!! Oh my gosh, I was so mad, because I totally forgot about pictures when I did it!! But he is still cute, I actually kinda like it, its growing on me:)

My cute brother Josh and his cute wife Amy!!

And their cute family!

And my other cute brother and his cute family!!! And there will be a few more pics to come!


Stacy and Justin said...

Those photos turned out really cute! You have got a lot of nieces and nephews!

Sam and Stacia said...

The pics looks so good Ciara! I'm sad me and Sam didn't have you do any of us :( Who cares if he thought my fingers were going to fall off from the cold :)